Jonathan Viljoen

Jonathan Viljoen , REALTOR®

Speaks: English

The Tale of a South African Immigrant.

Eight years ago, Jonathan packed up his entire life in South Africa into one decently sized suitcase and moved to a country far colder and far different than his own. He was in search of a brighter future filled with limitless possibility & opportunity. But most importantly, he had embarked on an adventure to curate his own story of success in a world that was now completely unchartered by his friends and family.

Prior to being a real estate professional, he broke records as the VP of Sales for an international logistics company, where he spent the better part of a decade re-defining the term ‘salesman’ in the way that he saw fit. In this position, He was able to hone his craft in negotiation techniques and sharpen his eye for details in all transactions. His goal was to be different by breaking the typical archetypes of sales, and be the best salesperson for his clients. Jonathan’s commitment and undivided attention to his craft has led him to use his expertise to guide others. In his experience of being an immigrant, he’s been able to focus his attention on the importance of having a home, even when that home is on the other side of the world. To Jonathan, your home isn’t just where you reside—it is your sanctuary.

Therefore, to Jonathan, being a realtor is far more than just helping someone find a new place to live, it’s about finding their own home even if it’s far away from where they first started.

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