Hany Elerksoussy

Hany Elerksoussy , REALTOR®

Speaks: English

Hany Elerksoussy is a talented bilingual sales professional with a wealth of experience in sales, and leadership. Having spent his formative years in Montreal, Hany has since relocated to Toronto, where he continues to excel in his career. Beyond his professional achievements, Hany is a multifaceted individual with a deep passion for music, fitness, and racing. His diverse range of interests and hobbies reflect his well-rounded personality and commitment to leading a fulfilling life outside of work. What truly sets Hany apart, however, are his innate abilities to connect with people, negotiate effectively, and cultivate long-term relationships with his clients. He approaches each interaction with a client with a genuine desire to support them in achieving their current and future goals. Hany firmly believes that choosing a new home is a personal and deeply meaningful experience that should be tailored to each individual's unique long-term objectives. With his exceptional skills and vast knowledge, he is poised to provide his clients at RARE with a best-in-class experience that exceeds all expectations.

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