Realtor Misconceptions

We are paid commission only, no salary!

As Realtors, we are paid once the deal is closed, that’s it. When you are with us, that is only 1/10th of the value we bring to you. It’s what you don’t see that really makes using a realtor valuable. It’s not just opening doors. It’s the continuing education, the market knowledge, our network and so much more that brings you value.

We all have access to the same listings on MLS!
A lot of people think certain Realtors have access to some properties, and others have access to different listings. We ALL have access to the same properties. Yes, of course, as we grow our networks we are able to get you access to some exclusive listings (this is why you need to choose your realtor wisely). However the units you see on MLS, we all have access to these.

Using a buyer’s agent doesn’t cost you a penny!

Our job, representing you as a buyer, is to educate and protect you. There are most commonly two Realtors in every transaction. One will be representing the seller, and the other, representing you. You should absolutely have a Realtor on your side for so many reasons. Most importantly to protect you and ensure you are not being taken advantage of. By choosing ONE Realtor to work with, you build a relationship with that person. They understand you and will be able to better help you than booking appointments with multiple buyer agents.